Temaki Bar

How we turned a brilliant idea into Switzerland's most popular premium sushi takeaway restaurant.

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Temaki Bar is the brainchild of Yoss and Kohei Kakinuma, the sons of Geneva's Japanese celebrity chef Shinya Kakinuma. The brothers had a dream to bring their father's culinary craftsmanship into the takeaway market, with a brand that would be more accessible and scalable, while retaining the original pedigree and quality associated with Kakinuma's products.

Yoss and Kohei turned to us at the very beginning of their concept's inception, to develop the brand's entire identity, consult on interior design, develop their digital presence, and conduct photo & video shoots.

The brief was as exciting as challenging, with a vision to preserve the main brand's premium & traditional identity, all the while infusing it with a modernized and accessible creative universe, that would appeal to wider markets.

We developed the graphic system, dominant tones and logo around the Persimmon fruit: an emblematic Japanese produce, with a singular, elegant, and symmetrical inner pattern. To add on to the contemporary aesthetic, hand-drawn illustrations were crafted, and further translated into elegant motion graphics to depict the construction and deconstruction of artfully made makis.

The overall brand personality puts a strong emphasis on contrasts. Between empty and solid shapes, monochrome lines and colorful artworks, stillness & motion to reminisce on the inherent ambivalence within the Japanese culture.

Temaki Bar has taken Switzerland by storm, now boasting multiple outlets, with a promising upcoming pipeline. It's been raised by the media as one the best Japanese takeaway brands in the country.