User experience and branding for the next 1 million users NFT marketplace.

Project specifications





RedPill aims to bring token incentivized NFT trading to Solana. Its innovative mechanism allows the distribution of tokens to users as they trade and hold NFTs on the platform.
The project's previous brand identity and communications did not stand out enough to create a name for itself, felt standardized in terms of user experience, and lacked retention features.
As a result, the founding team commissioned us to redesign the platform's UXUI and to execute a complete rebranding.


Having a distinctive look & feel is a crucial requirement to make the cut in web3. Not only it helps with product differentiation, but it also conveys the right identity to match and communicate the ethos & personality of a project. All of which are important factors to attract and generate a user base. To achieve an elevated and strategic brand uplift, we've performed a complete overhaul of RedPill's visual presence, from a revised logo, coherent color palette, and a unique graphic system revolving around the idea of the Pill itself. We drew inspiration from cinematographic references and crafted a distinctively dark, mature yet elegant and quirky universe for RedPill, combining seamlessly the NFT and pop cultures.

Marketplace User Experience

  • Atomic design approach - deconstruction and reconstruction of the entire UI kit, with new components designs and UX improvements - all of which matching the rebranding applied to UI.
  • Remapping of the user navigation, following best principles to allow for a logical, seamless flow that would facilitate user conversion and retention.
  • Design of new key features and functionalities crucial to the product's competitiveness.

Marketing & Creatives

  • Art Direction and production of motion graphics and social media content to support on-going communications.

Post-rebranding acquisition of the entire marketplace and hiring of its core team, by a private investor.