Crafting a highly engaging web experience for Lazada's Intellectually property division's annual report (twice!).

Project specifications




Web Development
Art Direction

Owned by Alibaba Group, Lazada is South East Asia's largest e-commerce player with operations spanning over six different markets.
Powered by complex cyber security protocols, systems & programs, Lazada prides itself in the safety of the platform, providing a worry-free shopping experience for its 130 million annual active customers.

To highlight and commemorate the group's achievements in the security and intellectual property protection department, Lazada commissions us each year to produce a dynamic web experience.

Based on the existing corporate brand identity, we started by designing a range of unique assets that would infuse life into the website. The idea was to create a distinct and appealing experience through interactions and animated illustrations that would support a scrollytelling discovery, and turn copywriting and metrics into fascinating visual facts. We leveraged Lottie animations, producing a range of moving isometric scenes that would portray the day-to-day activities performed by the cybersecurity team.

The website was designed as a single page to invite the users into a discovery journey of the yearly achievements. Dynamic animations on scroll and on hover were crafted to capture and preserve the user's attention throughout, while fostering excitement and curiosity, similarly to a consumer shopping experience. Progress indications contributed further to reassuring the viewer on page length and motivating reading completion.