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Fueling Asia's fastest moving renewable energy startup for exponential growth, with a fresh visual look and digital presence.

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Building upon 15 years of growth across Asia and beyond, Apeiron Bioenergy has successfully established a long-standing reputation as the pioneer and leading company in used cooking oil's circular economy in Asia. However, its original branding, unchanged since inception, had become dated and did not reflect the company’s future-forward mindset anymore.

Apeiron Bioenergy commissioned us to revisit the entire image of the business, from a brand new website to a complete redesign of the corporate identity. Actioned in tandem with strategic business growth initiatives, our work needed to support a global repositioning, enable clear access to online information, and provide an attractive visual display for investors, clients and media alike.

Within six months of a well executed PR campaign & fundraising plan roll-out, supported by the rebranding efforts, Apeiron Bioenergy successfully closed two strategic investment rounds.

The first round was led by Mitsui Chemicals, one of Japan’s largest conglomerates and the second came from Proterra Investment Partners Asia, one of the largest private equity firms specialized in the food and agriculture sector.

Aside from its financial success, the company gained media traction with mentions in Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, and other specialized media outlets.

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