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Artehos plus

A full-service design production powerhouse, packed into one single monthly subscription, including unlimited designs, unlimited revisions and a cancel-anytime policy.

we cover the full spectrum of your creative needs and act as an extension (or substitute) of your creative team so you can just sit back and relax while we do the work.


What's Included

Full Service, 360 Design production support.*


Web Design

Website Design (UXUI)  //  App Design (UXUI)  //  Development**  //  Wireframes  //  Prototypes  //  Website Audits & more


Print Design

Stationary  //  Billboards  //  Flyers  //  Posters  //  Brochures  //  Business Cards  //  Packaging  //  Banners  //  Booklets  //  Menus  //  Tote Bags & Accessories  //  Signage & more


Digital Design

Digital ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, etc.)  //  Email signatures  //  Social Media Visuals & Graphics  //  Website Visuals & Graphics  // Email templates


Graphic Design

Illustrations  //  Icons  //  Logos  //  Brand Graphic System  //  Infographics  //  Presentation Decks & Slides


Video & Motion

Trailers & Promo videos  //  Motion Graphics  // Explainers

* Does not include brand identity creation/development, and marketing strategy which require a tailored approach billed separately from the production subscription.
Web/app development can be purchased separately as an add-on.
** Printing not included.

Why a Design Subscription Model?

A gap in the market for affordable all-in-one design outsourcing solution

Years spent working with startups and multinationals alike through a traditional agency model made us realize that our clients were often in need of long-term support, after completion of our initial design scopes. Yet, the design agency models generally don’t offer such assistance as new items are charged individually, resulting in high costs for clients needing large production volumes over a certain period.

Solving in house design resources & admin constraints

By opting for an outsourced design production subscription, you are suddenly freed of creative resources recruitment, training, payroll (+ employee benefits!) traditional working hours constraints and long-term engagements. You will save costs, speed up your outputs and save time to focus on what matters.

Scaling up & down with full flexibility

We know needs can fluctuate. That’s why we’ve created a flexible plan that you can cancel anytime with no engagement. Of course, you can also resubscribe at your convenience and when the time is right.

All your design needs produced by specific field experts

We are not just designers, we cover the whole spectrum of creative skills. You will have a Graphic Designer, UXUI Designer, Illustrator, 3D Designer, Animator and Creative Director all combined into a single subscription. Gone are the days when you needed to hire several third parties or hire multiple skilled talents.

We do the thinking and the production for you

A simple brief suffices for us to get started and produce the stunning designs we are known for. Leave it to us and you will save time ideating, researching, testing solutions, and managing in-house production.

That’s not all!

Start anytime
Unlimited revisions
AAA design experience honed working with startups and MNCs
Tailored to your company’s DNAs and brand guidelines
Simple, streamlined process from brief to delivery
Real-time, direct live chat
Unlimited team members access to designs requests and progress tracking

How it Works


Subscribe to your preferred plan

Subscribe to your preferred plan with only a few clicks (coming soon). If you would like to pay via bank transfer or crypto, please contact us directly.

Tell us about you and your needs

Hop on a call with us and tell us about your business, vision and needs.

Share your brief(s)

Follow streamlined, simple steps to share with us your design brief. It’s all tracked and automated via Trello - as easy as it gets.

Sit back and relax

Your designs are in production and will be ready shortly!

Pick your Preferred Plan


Plus Starter

USD 2,500 / month
✓ Unlimited Digital Design
✓ Unlimited Print Design
✓ Unlimited Graphic Design
✘ Unlimited Web Design
✘ Unlimited Videos & Motion Graphics
✓ Unlimited Requests
✓ Unlimited Revisions
✓ Unlimited Team Members
✓ Real-time, direct live chat

Plus Pro

USD 3,000 / month
✓ Unlimited Digital Design
✓ Unlimited Print Design
✓ Unlimited Graphic Design
✓ Unlimited Web Design
✘ Unlimited Videos & Motion Graphics
✓ Unlimited Requests
✓ Unlimited Revisions
✓ Unlimited Team Members
✓ Real-time, direct live chat

Plus Infinite

USD 3,800 / month
✓ Unlimited Digital Design
✓ Unlimited Print Design
✓ Unlimited Graphic Design
✓ Unlimited Web Design
✓ Unlimited Videos &  Motion Graphics
✓ Unlimited Requests
✓ Unlimited Revisions
✓ Unlimited Team Members
✓ Real-time, direct live chat

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not work with (a) freelancer(s) directly?

1. Process: We never design blindly. Our work is thought through a proven creative process that aligns with your business goal and strategy. Not only you get design support but also creative direction (which is a rare combination to find in single design resources and freelancers). This is why understanding your needs and strategy is a key part of our onboarding process.

2.Responsibility: By working with independent resources, liability issues might arise. You might find yourself in a position with unresponsive third parties, average or inadequate delivery, missed deadlines or plain scams. With Artehos Plus, you will be serviced by a reputable agency, ensuring reliability and professionalism.

3. Experience: We’ve worked with multinationals the likes of Accor and Alibaba, as well as startups and understand not only the production of part but also and most importantly business strategy requirements and vision applied to design. That high level experience is often missing in independent third parties which mainly good at execution and little understanding / care about the context.

Why not work with an agency?

Agencies are costly and inflexible by nature. Each request is billed individually, often at a high cost which limits your options to scale and increase your production on a need basis, while keeping your budget on track.

How long does it take to get designs done?

Turnaround time varies depending on the complexity and can range between less than a day for simple graphics to a couple of days for motion graphics or a week+ for website designs.

Is it really unlimited?

Yes, we really mean it. However designs are done one after another, based on the priority you indicated. Once something is approved, we will move on the next, and so on!

Who will be doing the work?

We take pride in the diversity of our team, made of amazing superheroes with specific skillsets. Depending on your brief and scope, one or multiple talents may be working together on production with a creative director overseeing the work.

How is this service different from other similar options?

Our goal is to deliver value and to constantly adapt to address the market’s changing needs and industry wants. For that reason, we don’t stick with one design vertical unlike other services, or limit our scope to standardized and narrow deliverables. Instead, we strive to cover the full spectrum of creative production from web design to 3D, social media and print.

Why do I need to care about design in the first place?

Design’s importance in business has been recognized around the word as increasingly instrumental to success. Companies like McKinsey, Accenture have developed almost scientific frameworks to correlate design (as a whole) and business performance. Most importantly, the need for good design that aligns and support business goals does not only apply to B2C and product/service-centric industries but to all industries at large.

How many design revisions are included in the subscriptions?

There are no limits to revisions. We will redo the work until you are fully satisfied.

I only have a few needs and requests. Is this service still right for me?

Of course! In this case, you can simple pause or cancel your subscription at the end of the first month and resume it whenever the time is right.

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